Dasmen Residential

About Dasmen Residential

Dasmen Residential LLC is a privately held real estate investment firm that owns and operates multi-family properties in major cities throughout the United States. With properties across the US, Dasmen strives to create the best possible living experience in our communities while simultaneously providing outstanding returns to our partners. Our culture, values, and business philosophy all work together to form #TheDasmenWay, reinforcing our mission to be the best possible partner for investors, lenders, and residents alike.

Current Positions

Leasing Consultant
Cincinnati, OHFull-time

Our Culture

#TheDasmenWay is more than just how we operate our business. We're different than any other property management company out there because we dare to push the boundaries of "what's been done," we explore "what could be," and we don't settle for "good enough." This disruptive energy infuses our operations, our relationships, and our culture. We're constantly striving for better, more effective ways to live out our values of integrity, teamwork, and excellence. When a new associate joins our family, it's hard to miss the culture of fun and collaboration at each of our properties and our headquarters in NY. Even though our family is spread out across several states (NY, LA, AL, AZ, VA, and NC), we make a point to foster a sense of belonging and community across state boundaries. Become a part of #TheDasmenWay; send your application in today!

Our Values

We value integrity, teamwork, and excellence above all else.

Integrity: We say what we mean and we mean what we say. Our associates know that at the end of the day, reaching your goal is just as important as how you got there. The ends and the means hold equal weight, and we let our strong sense of integrity guide how we conduct our business, in every property, with every associate.

Teamwork: No man is an island, especially at Dasmen. We rely on our teammates to do the best job possible, and everyone pulls their own weight. If an associate is unable to handle something, they can rely on their team to come to the rescue. As a tight-knit family, we're all invested in each others' success, and we work better together. Collaboration is a daily fact of life at Dasmen, and knowing everyone has your back motivates us to work harder every day.

Excellence: Everything we do, from leasing an apartment to changing a lightbulb, is done in excellence. It permeates our culture in everything we do. We give our best every day, knowing we're contributing to something bigger than ourselves. We strive to provide the best living experience for our residents and the best working environment for our associates. Attention to detail, resourcefulness, and a sense of urgency all contribute to a spirit of excellence that never waivers and elevates the company to new heights. 

Come join Dasmen and experience the difference for yourself!

Why join us?

We do things #TheDasmenWay, and that differentiates us from all other property management companies out there. Our portfolio is growing at an exponential rate, and our associates have plenty of opportunities for professional development and growth. We love to promote from within, which means you have endless possibilities for your career, right here within Dasmen. Our associates love coming to work every day, and our culture is one of excellence, perseverance, and most importantly, fun! We work hard and we play hard. Joining the Dasmen team is more like joining a family, and you'll feel the love right away!